Facebook Messenger: How To Delete A Message Right After Sending It

Facebook Messenger finally allows you to delete messages that you just sent: a feature that allows you to catch your words in flight since the message in question will also be deleted at the recipient.

Follow this quick tutorial to understand how to perform this very handy operation in a jiffy!

Sometimes we remember, a bit too late, the popular saying “you have to turn your tongue seven times in your mouth”.

A common situation in courier applications and email sending. But for some time, many platforms offer the ability to delete messages already sent.

This is for example the case of Gmail that allows you to cancel an email sent for a short time or WhatsApp, an even more interesting case since the application is now part of the Facebook group.

Strangely Facebook has long refused to give Messenger this feature until today. The principle is of course not just to erase the message on your side, but also, the recipient.

Want to try it on your Android smartphone or iPhone? Let’s go!

How To Delete A Message You Just Sent In Facebook Messenger

For that:

  • Open the Facebook Messenger app on your smartphone
  • Go to the conversation in which you want to delete a message
  • Touch and stay on the message to delete for a few seconds
  • Touch Delete
  • Confirm by touching Delete for Everyone (Android) or Remove (iOS)

Warning: It is not possible to delete messages sent indefinitely. The option will only appear within 10 minutes after sending a message.

We note that the Android version gives more choice in erasing the message when following this method – since it allows you to delete the message only from your side if you wish.

Have you tested this feature? What do you think? Share your feedback in the comments.

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